Background As the owner\operator of a radio receiving and transmitting station, I use it to facilitate training and leisure activity. I belong to a global community of millions of people, who educate themselves and others to use radio for work or leisure. The topic is rich in science, technology, engineering… Continue Reading Radio Frequency Interference – What Harm Does it Do?

By Stuart – G4IYK I haven’t had a chance to use that phrase for a long time but it sums up the situation as I find it, but what does it actually mean? According to the Collins online Dictionary it means to English people, to outdo or defeat, while for… Continue Reading Is Amateur Radio being knocked into a cocked hat?

Lessons Learnt What follows is a letter to the RSGB who kindly supported Armando Martins after his nightmare neighbours had Canterbury City Council remove his antenna. We ran the Armando Martins Campaign which saw 35000 people sign a petition to restore what are his rights under planning law. While the… Continue Reading M0PAM – End of Planning Appeal – Lessons Learnt

To preserve over 100 years of Heritage during which our community of radio amateurs and professionals, have used amateur radio to develop communications between distant communities. Often such communications have become lifelines, paving the way for modern telecommunications. Why is it necessary to preserve this? Experimenting with radio is part… Continue Reading Our Mission