Background As the owner\operator of a radio receiving and transmitting station, I use it to facilitate training and leisure activity. I belong to a global community of millions of people, who educate themselves and others to use radio for work or leisure. The topic is rich in science, technology, engineering… Continue Reading Radio Frequency Interference – What Harm Does it Do?

By Stuart – G4IYK I haven’t had a chance to use that phrase for a long time but it sums up the situation as I find it, but what does it actually mean? According to the Collins online Dictionary it means to English people, to outdo or defeat, while for… Continue Reading Is Amateur Radio being knocked into a cocked hat?

On 10th June 2019 Stuart Dixon and Mac MacDonald, acting board members of Radio Heritage UK (RHUK) met with the RSGB President and Board members to discuss the potential demise of HF Amateur Radio in UK as a consequence of the rising number of sources of interference. After the meeting,… Continue Reading Countering the demise of HF Amateur Radio

Approach to VDSL Interference According to the recently updated technical documents issued by the EMC Committee this month (Jan 2019) on VDSL Interference, the standard of installations made by BT Openreach, are highly likely to be responsible for widescale interference to the amateur and international shortwave radio bands, when incorrectly… Continue Reading Radio Spectrum Pollution by BT Openreach – our letter to the RSGB