On 10th June 2019 Stuart Dixon and Mac MacDonald, acting board members of Radio Heritage UK (RHUK) met with the RSGB President and Board members to discuss the potential demise of HF Amateur Radio in UK as a consequence of the rising number of sources of interference.

After the meeting, Stuart Dixon FRSA, said: “The RSGB had done all within its powers to work with BT Openreach to establish the problem with VDSL. If all goes well, their proposed solution based on an offer by Openreach to work with affected stations has the makings of a solution. Whether the service on offer works or not has yet to be seen or tested and we await further information about how the service will work.”

Our meeting wasn’t about VDSL Interference per se, but the rise of QRM, generated by multiple sources of interference. We also covered planning threats.

The $24000 question we asked is “how do we get back to a position where we can hear signals on our radios that are now hidden well below S5 to S9 noise levels?”

For this we would need interference services that work for us.

See here our presentation of the problem as we see it. If you want to cut to the quick Start at page 8 and read on.

Hopefully the meeting has created a dialog which can continue. We will post again after 10th July 2019.

Stuart Dixon FRSA

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