Approach to VDSL Interference

According to the recently updated technical documents issued by the EMC Committee this month (Jan 2019) on VDSL Interference, the standard of installations made by BT Openreach, are highly likely to be responsible for widescale interference to the amateur and international shortwave radio bands, when incorrectly set up.  Our thanks go to the EMC committee for their hard work in producing such a high quality report.

In view of the willful pollution of the electromagnetic spectrum allocated to licensed radio amateurs, and the potential impact on all amateur radio licensees and SWL, attracted to our hobby by the prospect of international DX, to avoid disappointment, drops in numbers and sales etc, is it now possible for the RSGB to use their considerable influence to resolve the matter for everyone in a single action?

We think this can be achieved by politely and firmly asking BT Openreach (and the rest of the industry) to both retrospectively and for the future, set up their devices to an appropriate standard and advise home users to adhere to a simple code of practice.

As RSGB and OFCOM both have access to the postcode of all licensed radio amateurs, and Openreach have the same information about all their installations that information could be useful in narrowing down the numbers as a starting point. 

Noting the way concerns have been received so far with dismay, as members, we think that the RSGB should be prepared to use its resources, with support from radio equipment suppliers to go to court to achieve this.  If not we would be happy to use our experience in campaigning and fundraising to help get to that point.  (Although we think taking the approach outlined above could yet save the day). 

Stuart Dixon

Acting CEO – RadioHeritageUK

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